House of Vans, July 2016 (Photo by James North)

House of Vans, July 2016 (Photo by James North)

Get Better

"Get Better" was a two part, year long project based on my work with Frank Turner. Firstly, a month long exhibition of my eight years of photographic work with the band. In tandem with this, later that year we released a film of the same name, the two projects were intrinsically linked around the theme of improvement.

The exhibition hosted by London's House of Vans in July of 2016, tracked Frank's work through my improvement as a photographer. From humble beginnings at small shows through shoots for press campaigns, album sleeves and candid moments behind the scenes on the countless tours that I've accompanied the band on around the world. "Get Better" was about my growth as a visual artist. We also included a retrospective of the many music videos that I have shot. We peppered the month with talks focusing on advancing careers in the arts, and performances.

Later that year, the feature length documentary "Get Better" became the second part of the project, focused on Frank's Journey of self improvement through 2015. The film was released theatrically in the UK by StudioCanal into 50+ theatres in December of 2016. The movie is currently available on DVD from the places you would usually find DVDs..

Together the two journeys and reflections on our paths represent a cohesive artistic project, and mark a key point in my ongoing collaboration with an artist that I'm proud to call a good friend. A book exists of the photographs from the gallery show, and the movie will be available on DVD and VOD channels later in 2017.