...I don't just do music based projects.

On occasion I get approached by media agencies to create unique content for clients who want something a little different. I specialise in creating work that has an authenticity to it - if you have a client that needs that little something extra to give them a lift, I'm fast, easy to work with and deliver results that will make them think they've been given the rock star treatment.

Taking a more naturalistic, documentary style and mixing it with the aesthetic values of a music video I create visuals that are dynamic and exciting, but that are also genuine and honest with the customer. This is the same with my photographic work. And to top it all off, I can function as a one-man production house when needed, or upscale and bring in full production if budget allows. 

I shoot with a Canon C100, 5D3 and GoPros, either as a one or two man crew to be minimally invasive. I then deal with data transfer, edit, amends, colour grades and digital delivery myself, ensuring your turnaround can be as tight as you need it. Or if the budget allows we can expand to REDs or Arri cameras, separate sound, producers and editors. I can tailor a quote to your budget.

Here are some examples of my work. Prior clients include: Wishmaker Fragrances, Iceland, Pork Farms, Fat Media Ltd, Arqiva, Radnor House schools group.


Combe Bank Nursery. One day visit, final edit within 5 working days.