Get Better - The Book is 150 photos from my last 8 years on the road and off with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

Photo courtesy of  James North

Photo courtesy of James North

We had a lovely gallery show in London during July at House of Vans. But what if you didn't make the show yet want to see the pictures? Well good news - There's a book. 

Containing all the photos from the show, and a further 28 that I wanted to fit in, but couldn't. 

We sold the initial batch at the gallery in the opening week, and had a signing party. The good news is that there's still some left of the next batch. It's a limited run of 1000, and when they're gone, they're gone. 

 8 years of work, in a compact book (slightly bigger than A4), with 150 beautifully reproduced images on 300GSM satin finish paper. All for less than the price you'd normally pay for one of my prints. Boom. The paper is twice as thick as most photo books, which is great for you, and terrible for me when I carry them to the post office.

Q&A Time!

Why isn't it bigger / hardback ?

 It turns out that printing books of photographs nicely is really expensive unless you're mass printing, and even then it isn't cheap. This is just me on my own, doing a small batch. So I worked with my amazing printers to get a size and feel for the book that gets you maximum bang for your buck. My thinking was a soft cover isn't a problem, as long as the images themselves are on nice paper. So that's how we've done it. The paper is far thicker than most photobooks, and the print quality higher. 

When will I get my copy?

I will be mailing out at the end of each week. In the instance of me being away on tour, your purchase receipt email will give you an estimated mailing date. Shipping time is typically 2 working days UK, 5 working days East Coast USA / Mainland Europe, 8-10 working days for West Coast USA / Australia. Shipping can take considerably longer, particularly if you haven't filled in your data correctly.

Why is it a max of two per order?

Postage. It's expensive. Any more than two per order, and it becomes significantly more expensive. Sorry. 

Can I just buy a one off print instead?

 None of the prints with my or Frank's notes from the gallery exhibition are for sale, so please don't ask. That's why I did the book - it's way more photos for much less money. Plus it's how I get paid for the work that went into the show! 

I do sell one-off prints to private customers. Due to the time and comissioning of my printers, these aren't cheap. If you're desperate for a particular image, please use the contact form on this site to let me know which picture and what size you were hoping for, and I will return a quote. 

How do I buy the book?

I've taken them down for the holidays, but I've still got a few left. Send me a tweet or an email and if there's enough interest then I'll put some back online.